Silencing of Missouri NAACP President

Silencing of NAACP President during the Special Committee on Litigation Reform


“As President of the Missouri Chapter of the NAACP, Mr. Chapel has a unique insight into the barriers of racial discrimination in our state. Mr. Chapel was denied the opportunity to give a 5-minute testimony to the Special Committee on Litigation Reform. To add insult to injury, members were also prohibited from asking him any questions.

“Mr. Chapel asteve-facebooknd I were the only African-American attorneys in the hearing and the only individuals who can personally relate to how this legislation will directly impact our communities in a disproportionate way. It is appalling that he was denied the opportunity to express his concerns.”


“As President of the Missouri NAACP and a practicing attorney, I had hoped to have a real discussion on the effects of legalizing individual discrimination. The Chair’s refusal to let me speak ensured that not only my voice but all voices of those protected by antidiscrimination laws in the state were silenced.”


State Rep. Steven Roberts

D-St. Louis City


Nimrod Chapel

Missouri NAACP President


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