eal id

REAL ID (HB 151): Attempts to bring Missouri driver’s licenses and non-driver identification into compliance with the federal REAL ID of 2005.

FUND SWEEP (HCB 3, SENATE VERISON): Authorizes excess revenue sitting unused in various special state funds to be redirected for in-home and nursing home care in order to prevent more than 8,000 disabled or elderly Missourians losing their services. NOTE: The enacted Senate version replaced the original “bad” House version that sought to eliminate the modest “circuit breaker” for elderly and disabled Missourians who rent their homes.


UMKC CONSERVATORY (HCR 19): Authorizes the sale of $48 million in public revenue bonds for new music and dance conservatory building at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.


PENSIONS (SB 62): Allows pensions for state employees to vest after five years of service instead of 10 years, returning the time period for vesting to what it was prior to 2011.


LEGAL EXPENSE FUND (SB 128): Requires the attorney general and state commissioner of administration to report all settlements and judgments paid from the State Legal Expense Fund on a monthly basis.



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