Letter Urging Governor to veto SB 43


Governor Eric Greitens

201 W Capitol Ave, RM 216

Jefferson City, MO 65101




Dear Governor Greitens:


As you are aware, Senate Bill 43 modifies the protections offered by Missouri’s discrimination laws.  This piece of legislation is detrimental to ALL Missourians. It is particularly troublesome that this bill is sponsored by a senator who has been repeatedly sued for discrimination.  By signing this bad bill, it becomes part of your legacy just as much as its sponsor.  


You must understand that this bill goes far beyond current federal standards in an effort to make Missouri one of my most difficult states to prevail in a discrimination lawsuit.  One of the clearest examples is its effort to abrogate individual liability.  All employees have the right to be treated with dignity in the workplace and this bill inhibits our ability to hold companies who create a hostile work environment accountable by increasing standards to prove a discrimination case.


Furthermore, this bill closes the doors to the local courthouse and will force any case involving an out of state company into federal court; this is bad for all Missourians.  Forcing these cases into federal court will create an insurmountable hardship for some. There are multiple issues in this legislation and I hope you will veto this terrible bill.


Thank you for your consideration. I believe it is an important issue and would like to see the legislation fail help to ensure dignity for all in the workplace.


Respectfully submitted,



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