News (Special Session)

State Rep. Steven Roberts Says Special Session Will Do

Nothing to Improve the Quality of Life for Missourians

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – As the Missouri General Assembly returns for another extraordinary session, State Representative Steven Roberts is making it clear that the pro-life issues the governor has asked the legislature to address will do nothing to help the people of Missouri. Roberts said the focus of the special session is aimed at disparaging a Planned Parenthood organization that does much more than just provide abortions.

Roberts recently held a town hall meeting where he discussed the issues of the special session with his constituents. He said a 90-year-old woman from North St. Louis shared her concerns that women would turn to more dangerous options for birth control if the state continues to work to shut down Planned Parenthood.

“We had a great discussion on the issue and talked about how abortion is only one of many services provided by Planned Parenthood. While the abortion topic is always associated with Planned Parenthood, the truth is the organization has only one location in the state that offers abortion services,” said Roberts, D-St. Louis.

Roberts also pointed out that a woman recently contacted his office to share how she was able to get a PAP test at a Planned Parenthood facility that revealed she had a pre-cancerous form of HPV. The woman, who was working two jobs and didn’t have health insurance, was grateful that the facility existed to provide her with early detection of what could have turned into cervical cancer.

“Republicans only want to focus on one service Planned Parenthood provides when they offer more services that promote a quality of life. They offer many well-woman services. Our governor stated our state supports a quality of life, but so far his agenda and policies have done nothing to improve the quality of life for Missourians,” said Roberts.

Roberts also noted that a special session can cost as much as $28,000 a week in the Senate and between $50,000 and $100,000 in the House, depending on how many members show up. The recent special session called by Greitens cost taxpayers $66,000. He said calling another special session is a waste of taxpayer dollars.

“I am opposed to nullifying St. Louis City Ordinance #70459. We don’t need any more pro- discrimination legislation like SB 43. We can’t grow our economy at the expense of having corporations that disrespect workers. We need to discourage discrimination not create an environment that encourages it,” said Roberts.

For more information contact Representative Steven Roberts Office at (573)751-1400.


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