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The City and neighborhood residents are concerned about trash problems. If you would like to help out in this effort, please contact your Neighborhood Improvement Specialist (NIS)


Alleys Property owners are responsible for maintaining the alley (from their property line to the middle of the alley) free of litter, weeds and overgrown trees, as well as in safe and sanitary condition. Failure to do so may result in citations and/or fines.

Illegal Dumping If you are a witness to illegal dumping in an alley, on a street or sidewalk, in a vacant lot or someone’s yard, call 911 and give the license number and description of the vehicle used, or information about the person seen dumping. Also, call the Citizens’ Service Bureau at 622-4800 so an investigation may be conducted by the City’s Environmental Investigation Unit (a.k.a the Trash Task Force). A police officer from the Trash Task Force will call you back for more information.

Dumpsters The City of St. Louis provides trash and yard waste dumpsters in the alley. Regular household trash is collected twice a week on either Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday, depending on where you live. Yard waste is emptied once a week during the spring and summer months and once a month (on bulk pick up weeks) during the winter. Placing household trash in a Yard Waste dumpster can be considered illegal dumping.

Dumpster Reminders:

  • Put household trash in regular dumpsters marked NO YARD WASTE.
  • Dumpsters may not be moved without authorization from the city.
  • Dumpsters filled to overflowing may not be emptied.
  • Dumpster lids must be kept closed.
  • Any item that prevents the dumpster lid from closing may not be put in the dumpster.
  • If rain water (or anything else) accumulates in the dumpster, it may become too heavy for the trash truck to pick up and may cause your dumpster not to be emptied as scheduled.
  • Do not place large bulk trash items in the dumpsters (stoves, furniture or any item over 3 feet long). Do not put any flammable liquid, or hazardous waste, including tires and motor oil, in the dumpster.

Roll Out Carts The City provides roll out carts for areas that do not have alleys and/or dumpsters. Roll out carts are the property of the City of St. Louis. If your cart has been damaged or stolen, call Citizen’s Service Bureau at 314-622-4800.

Open storage Residents may not store items in front or rear yards or alley areas. These include (but are not limited to) vehicles, household appliances, trash, tires, stacks of lumber, or tree limbs. Tree limbs, or other debris piled on parking pads, or at the edges of the alley may result in citations and/or fines. See above regarding alley maintenance.

Kids and Dumpsters Frequently children are given the task of taking out the trash. Most kids are not big enough to hold the lid of the dumpster up and throw the bag in at the same time, so they often leave the bag next to the dumpster. This can cause trash to scatter in the alley, and become a health hazard. It is also considered illegal dumping and could result in citations and/or fines. Make sure your children are able to correctly put the trash in the dumpster, and know which dumpsters to use before you ask them to take out the trash.

Bulk Trash Note: Illegal dumping of bulk trash items can result in a court date, possible fines, and/or jail time

  • No more than 3 items per household may be placed out each month. Each residential unit in a building is counted as a household.
  • Refrigerator doors must be removed. Always consider the safety of others who use your alley, especially children.
  • Items MUST be placed at least 3 feet away from the dumpster. Do not place bulk items up against the dumpster. Regular trash trucks must be able to access, lift, and replace the dumpster.
  • Smaller items must be placed in a container or bundle. No container or package may weigh over 100 pounds, be over 6 feet long, or over 2 feet around. Consider that the city staff must pick up the item to move it to, and place it in, the truck. Example: A pile of loose limbs is many items, a bundle of limbs is considered one item. Items should be put out by 6:00 A.M. on the Monday of your scheduled bulk pickup week. The pick up may not be on Monday but will be one day during that week. If by Friday of your pickup week items remain in the alley, please call Citizens Service Bureau at 422-4800 and report that your bulk pickup was missed. Be sure they are not items that were placed out AFTER the truck came by.
  • Bulk pick up weeks and holiday pick up schedules are shown on a sticker on the dumpster.
  • Large items may be disposed of at any time of the month by taking them to one of two City Refuse Transfer Stations. Items may be taken to the South Transfer station at 4100 S. First Street or the North Transfer Station at 201 N. Humbolt Avenue. The hours are M-F 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. City residents must show proof of residence by displaying either a current driver’s license with a City address or paid property tax receipt.
  • Bulk Trash items are collected once a month.


Sharie Taylor(21st Ward)……………………………………………………….. (314) 657-1390

Shavette Wayne -Jones(18th Ward)……………………………………… (314) 657-1378

Larry Isom (4th Ward)…………………………………………………………… (314) 657-1376

Brian Kolde (28th Ward)…………………………………………………………. (314)657-1364




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