UPDATE – Ameren Missouri Storm Update – July 23, 2017

Ameren Missouri crews have made great progress restoring power to customers following last night’s storms. As of 4:00 p.m. today, fewer than 20,000 customers were still without power.


At the peak, more than 50,000 customers were without service, with the largest concentration of outages in the St. Charles and north St. Louis County areas.


The latest outage information is available at https://outagemap.ameren.com/. You can track outages by county and/or by zip code on our Ameren Outage Map website.


We thank all of our customers for their patience while power is being restored.


Additional Service Restoration Information:

  • We expect to restore service to most of our customers today.
  • We have more than 400 crew members engaged in addressing these outages, including Ameren Missouri crews from central and southeast Missouri.
  • Our crews will work until all customers are restored.
  • The wind caused a significant amount of damage either by damaging poles or pushing trees into the power lines.
  • A mobile materials trailer, known as a storm trailer, is stationed in north St. Louis County. This gives our field crews more resources and aid in restoration.
  • The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat warning for today. Customers should take precautions because of the high temperatures. Information about cooling centers can be found by calling 211.

Pole Issues

  • In these conditions, it takes at least four to five hours to clear a damaged utility pole and set a replacement.
  • Ameren Missouri has nearly 1 million utility poles in our service territory.
  • The average life of a utility pole is 40 years.
  • The smallest poles we use are 35 feet tall and weigh 750 pounds. The largest is 110 feet tall weighing 9,000 pounds.
  • Poles and transformers are inspected visually for damage, leaks, and deterioration through routine ground patrol.
  • Ameren Missouri inspects approximately 180,000 poles per year.
  • Ameren Missouri utility poles are made of southern yellow pine and are delivered from Alabama. Transmission poles are Douglas Fir from the Northwest.

Additional Safety Information

  • Our first priority during outages is to restore service to critical services like hospitals and nursing homes.
  • It is important for all customers to take precautions during severe weather.
  • Stay away from downed power lines
  • Report the downed line to 1-800-552-7583

Please stay safe during severe weather and the extremely hot temperatures.


From Ameren UE


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